embedding the gear

ToolMarker is specialized in designing and producing interiors for professional tool users in high-tech maintenance industry. The interiors can be designed for each tool drawer, case or any place you want!

CAD-drawing We will take existing tools, parts, consumables etc. and create images of them. From there, a layout will be created that will make finding your most trusted and valuable equipment effortless to find.  The foam will then be created based on these layouts to an exact fit of the items, to include finger notching for the easy removal of tools.

Pocket I.D. Brings added security to custom tool sets. Pocket I.D is placed into individual pockets in the foam inserts to identify tools, using serial numbers, part numbers or customized identification systems.

5S and Lean Manufacturing activity Our tool control systems are often used to support 5S and Lean Manufacturing activity.

Tool Control Trays A tool tray is much more than just a way to ship tools. It's a self-contained control system. Our trays are robust and built to last. And each tool has its own place.

Production The foam can be manufactured using a laser cutter or water jet technologies.  In addition, each item in the foam has the option of having part description permanently engraved on the surface in which the tool will lay.  This makes identifying missing tools quick and seamless. We use close cell material that is resistant to oils, lubricants, etc that may be present on tools.

Kitting We are agent for several tool brands, so we can deliver your tool control needs, just the foam interiors or complete sets.

Laser Engraving We can also engrave your tools with your identification marks, kit reference numbers or logos and more. It's all about ensuring the best security, productivity and control. We'll work with you to achieve the best solution for your staff and operations.